How fast will my loved one decline in their mental state as they near death?

The memories you and your loved one have made over years together are precious to you, and it can be devastating to see them decline in their ability to remember events or even how to care for themselves. Although it is hard to predict the exact timeline their illness will follow, there are some milestones [...]

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What kind of services can Hospice Care provide?

Hospice Care has many levels of care on their menu of services. Some patients only require occasional visits to check on their needs, while others require daily monitoring to ensure they are receiving the best care to alleviate suffering and ease them into the next stage.

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What do I do if I have questions about what my loved one’s insurance will cover?

Near the end of  life there are many medical insurance questions you may have. You deserve to know what therapies are covered to ease your loved one's discomfort. You also may have questions about how long hospice care is available through your loved one's insurance and at what stage it is available, especially if you [...]

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